Friday, December 28, 2012

Play PokerBox: You'll be Glad You Did

Do you love to play video poker? Do you hate to lose? PokerBox, the free app for Android, can offer the best of both worlds. It is just like the standard video poker machines so it is ideal for training, and there are two different play modes. You can play in practice mode to train, or switch to play mode and play the actual game with a limited number of coins, just like in real life! You get a few extra coins every day you play as a reward.

It gets even better. Swarm leaderboards and unique Swarm supported achievements add even more fun to the mix. You can play against other players worldwide. Show off your skill by shooting to the top of the scoreboards and earning the most achievements.

You may not hit the jackpot financially, but you certainly will in fun and skill as you play your way through PokerBox. Play instead of video poker or play to train for video poker. Play in the name of glory to hit the top of the leaderboards or play to collect achievements. Play to kill time or play for all the stakes. It is up to you. Whatever reason you play for, you will be glad you played.

Before you go out and spend a lot of money playing real video poker you should consider training using PokerBox app. The app is totally free you do not have to pay for anything play video poker.

PokerBox is a simple but addictive draw video poker which simulates the games you found in casinos. There are two game modes:

practice mode : the app can be used as a video poker trainer.
play mode: play the game with a limited amount of coins (exactly as in the real world). This mode is even more challenging as there are more global leader-boards available together with some rather unique achievements which make the game even more enjoyable.

Each day you play the game you will receive a small sum of coins as a reward, and there are also few optional actions which offer additional rewards.

You can compete with your friends or with players from all over the world. Unique achievements and global leader boards make the game more interesting.


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